Basic Chemistry Formulas

Chemistry is the scientific study of matter and its properties, composition, structure, and the changes that occur during chemical reactions. 

It provides the foundation for understanding the world around us, from the structure of matter to the interactions between different elements. Here are some basic concepts.

Percentage Yield Formula 

Percentage  Yield = -------------------------    
                                  Theoretical yield x 100

                           The mass of one atom of the element

Atomic mass formula 

Atomic mass = --------------------------------------  = Eq. mass X valency      
                          1/12 Mass of an atom of C-12

                                   Eq. mass x Valency                           6.4      
Alomic  mass       =    ------------------------------------ =   ---------------------
                                   Atomicity Specific heat (cal/g)     Specific heat (Cal/g)

Number of gram atoms formula 
Number of gram atoms = -------------------------------
                                           Gram atomic mass (GAM)

Number of gram molecules   = --------------------------
                                                   Gram Atomic mass 

Number of gram equivalents=   --------------------------------
                                                      Gram equivalent mass (GEM)

                                                      Atomic mass
Equivalent mass of an element = -----------------

Concepts of chemistry Formula

                                                Molecular mass of acid
Equivalent mass of an acid = -------------------------

                                                Molecular  mass of base
Equivalent mass of a base = ------------------------------

                                             Mass of the element
Percentage composition= -------------------------------- *100
                                          Molar mass of compound

                           Mass of solute

     Mass = --------------------------------*100
                             Mass of solution

Molarity formula 

                           W * 1000
Molarity = -------------------------
                           MB* V (in ml)

Normality formula 

                          WB *1000
Normality = --------------------
                    EMB* V(in mL)

                              WB *1000
Molality (m)= --------------------
                            MB Wa (in g)

Mole fraction formula 

                                     N                     NA
Mole fraction X= ------------- And --------------
                                   NA + NB                         NA +NB

Molecular mass= 2 x Vapour density

where,  WB =Mass of solute, MB= Molecular mass of solute, WA =Mass ol solvent

Number of moles= Molarity * Volume

Number of equivalents =Normality * Volume

Molecular formula= n * Empirical formula

              Molecular formula mass
n = -----------------------------------
             Empirical formula mass

Structure of Atom formula 

Radius of nucleus (R) = RA1/3

Ro = Constant (= 1.33 x 10 -13 cm)

A= Mass number of atom

Maximum no, of spectral lines produced when an electron

Jumps from n ----> 1 = n(n - 1) / 2

Magnetic moment = (L{n+2)B.M)1/2

Spin angular momentum= ys(s+1)

Spin multiplicity= 2S+ 1

S=Sum of Spin Quantum numbers

Radial nodes=n- l-1; Angular nodes=l

Total no, of nodes  = n -i


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