SOP For Document Management System | Document Management Sop


1.1 To lay down the procedure for Document Control of (xxx).


2.1 This procedure applies to all Departments of ( xxxxx).


3.1 Head – All Departments for complies of SOP.


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4.1 There is a document number situated at the bottom left side of each and every document of Company Name. E.g. QA01/F00-00.

4.2 1st and 2nd character “QA” represents Quality Assurance and it is the initial identification for each and every document.

4.3 3rd and 4th character “01” represent QC and like this “02” will represent QA, “03” will represent Production, “04” will represent Store, “05” will represent Maintenance, “06” will represent Purchase & “07” will represent Safety department.

4.4  5th character will be “/” for separation.

4.5   6th character “F” represents “Format” which is consent for each department.

4.6 7th & 8th character will represent the formats serial number eg.-00 represent 1st format, 01  represent 2nd format of the particular department and so on.

4.7   8th character will be “-”.

4.8  9th & 10th character will be revision number e.g. 00 is first revision & 01 is 2nd revision.

4.9  In the case of SOP there will be an SOP number e.g. SOP/QA/01.

4.10 the first set of letters represents Standard Operating Procedure.

4.11  2nd character will be “/”.

4.12 3rd set of letters represents the departments e.g. QA/QC/Production/Store/Maintenance etc.

4.13  4th character will be “/”.

4.14 5th and 6th characters represent the serial number of SOPs e.g. 1st SOP of the department will be 01 & the 2nd SOP of the department will be 02. 

4.15  Document should include Effective date, Review date and sign.


5.1 There is one master document with a red coloured stamp of “MASTER DOCUMENT” which will be only with an authorized person.

5.2 There is one control copy which is a Xerox copy of the master document and has a blue coloured stamp of “CONTROLLED DOCUMENT DO NOT COPY”.

5.3 If a document is revised then a new one will be controlled as 4.2.1 & 4.2.2 and an obsolete copy will store with having the red coloured stamp of “OBSOLETE”.

5.4 For all formats same procedure will be followed as 5.1, 5.2, and 5.3.


6.1  All MASTER DOCUMENTS will be held by MR.

6.2  All CONTROLLED DOCUMENTS will be distributed to the concerned department and recorded.

6.3  Xerox of CONTROLLED COPY is highly restricted.

6.4 Any document required to display should also be stamped with “CONTROLLED DOCUMENT DO NOT COPY” on xerox copy of MASTER DOCUMENT.

6.5 FORMAT BOOK will only be issued by QA with a stamp.


7.1 Document will be reviewed every two years but it can be reviewed early depending on the Necessity.


8.1 All the documents and files of QA shall be maintained as per the “Master List of Documents”  format.

9.0 Storage /Disposal of Documents

9.1 All the current versions of the master documents shall be stored under the control of the QA department.

9.2 Laboratory has different types of documents and records. All records/document have their current revision number. The old and previous records have specified times for their retention in the laboratory.


10.1     SOP: Standard Operating Procedure

10.2     QA: Quality Assurance

10.3     No.      : Number

11.0     REFERENCE

11.1     Nil


MASTER LIST OF DOCUMENTS    -           QA02/F01-00

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