SOP For Wrapping Machine Operation | Shrink Wrap Machine Operating Procedure

The purpose of this Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is to provide guidelines for the safe and efficient operation of the wrapping machine.


1.1 To lay down the procedure for Wrapping Machine Operation.


2.1 This procedure applies to Production.


3.1 Production of XYZ Unit II to comply with the SOP.

3.2 Wrapping Machine Operators to follow the  SOP.


4.1 Ensure that a trained person is deployed for wrapping machine operation during the shifts.

4.2 Check the metal detector and ensure that it is in working condition. Also, ensure that it is interlocked with the wrapping machine.

4.3 If the metal detector is not working, then inform the shift officer and take specific actions.

4.4 Ensure that sufficient air pressure is there for proper ejection of the metallic tablets in case any metallic tablet comes from upstream equipment.

4.5 Ensure that all the sensors, and safety interlocks are properly working and they are not bypassed for any reason whatsoever.

4.6 If any of the interlocks, or sensors are not working then inform to shift officer and get the same corrected since it can lead to injury.

4.7 Ensure that no foreign matters are accumulating in and around the wrapping machine since there are chances of its mix-up with the final product apart from leading to an unsafe workplace.

4.8 Check wrapper roll for wrapper quality (i.e. printing, poly-delaminating, curling) before running onto the machines. If any defect is noticed while running then take out the wrapper roll and put the tag on the roll so that it can be sent back to RM stores through proper return note.

4.9 Ensure that the wrapping quality of the tablets is satisfactory if not then set the machine with the help of the shift fitter to improve the wrapping quality.

4.10 Ensure that there are no end / or belly seal open tablets coming out from the heater section of the wrapping machine.

4.11 If sealing is not proper then check the electrical heaters and take the corrective actions if required with the help of a shift electrician.

4.12 If required, clean the surface of the heater and replace the heater's tape.

4.13 Wear hand gloves while cleaning and replacing the heater's tape because of the high temperature.

4.14 Always wear gloves while removing tablets jamming at the heater section because of high temperature which otherwise can lead to hand burns.

4.15 Do not keep obsolete material especially metallic things (i.e. nuts, bolts, washers, etc) near the machines to avoid any metal ingress in the product.

4.16 Lubricate the wrapping machine once in a shift by using a centralized lubricating system.

4.17 If wrapping quality is not satisfactory then get the machines set with the help of the engineering team to get the desired wrapping quality.

4.18 Ensure proper cleaning of the wrapping machine and its auxiliaries to improve product quality and workplace.

4.19 Follow safety work instructions while on the job.

4.20 Contact the shift officer in case of any problem.

4.21 Use required PPE like safety shoes, while on the job.

4.22 Follow general safety guidelines on the shop floor.


SOP: Standard Operating Procedure

PPE: Personal protective equipment


6.1       NIL


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