SOP For Flash Point Apparatus | Open Cup Flash Point Apparatus


1.1     To lay down the procedure for FLASH POINT APPARATUS operation.

2.0     SCOPE

2.1     This procedure applies to Quality Control Department of  (Company Name)


3.1       QC chemists to prepare and follow the SOP.

3.2       Head – QA and QC for implementation of SOP.

4.0       PROCEDURE

4.1       Fill the given sample in such a way that the sample level is exactly up to the mark in the cup.

4.2       Fix the cup in to the apparatus and cover with lid.

4.3       Insert thermometer in the thermometer holder given in the cup in such a manner that it will not directly touch the lower bottom of the cup and the paddle stirrer inside the cup.

4.4       Fill the water bath with the cold water. Close the sliding shutter and light the standard flame.

4.5       Adjust the size of flame (4.0 mm diameter) with respect to the metal bead. Stir the oil using paddle stirrer.

4.6       Introduce the flame by opening the shutter and check the appearance of the flash.

4.7       Now heat the apparatus and set the rate of temperature increase at the rate of 1 to 2 °C  per minute.

4.8      Check the flash point of given sample at the interval of 3 °C rise in the temperature.

4.9      Discontinue the stirring of the sample during the introduction of the test flame. On observing a flash, stop the heating process and allow the temperature to decrease.

4.10    Check the occurrence of a flash at every 1 Celsius drop in temperature at which the flash is observed as the flash point of the sample.

Open cup flash point apparatus


  SOP      :           Standard Operating Procedure

            QA       :           Quality Assurance

            QC       :           Quality Control

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