Important Role Chemistry Disadvantage | Disadvantages of Using Chemistry in Daily Life

The primary to obtain chemical reaction is to throw combative process energy or chemistry, harmful to our surroundings. Instruments and sometimes harmful products that may be produced may harm us and our environment. 

Chemistry Reactions cost a lot of time and money to buy various chemicals. 

chemistry disadvantage

Daily life and environment

The important role of chemistry disadvantage in agriculture making harmful fertilizer and pesticides this creates pollution, and human health effects are bad and polluted by surface water. The disadvantage, Is chemistry in our lives is not to be ignored on any cast as it involves anywhere in our surrounding any chemical substance such as DDT, CFCs, etc. is very harmful and hazardous for the environment but is widely used by the new generation to make their comfortable life.

harmful fertilizer and pesticides

A disadvantage of chemistry careers is the exposure to chemicals, chemicals harmful to humans and environments like acid, biological chemicals, volatile organic compounds, and compressed gases.

polluted of surface

Illegal Weapons and Drugs

Bhopal disaster chemistry disadvantage in daily life would abuse that knows like manufacturing of illegal chemicals weapon, drugs, explosive weaponry such as C4 and production of chemicals.  

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Environmental Chemistry, Pollution, Impact Factor

polluted of surface water


There will always be advantages and disadvantages in everything in this world. 


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