Anti Bribery Policy for Manufacturing Company

The Factory Anti-Bribery Policy (‘the Policy’) draws together the Factory’s principles on anti-bribery. 

The Policy is designed to reduce the risk of the Factories, staff, or persons associated with the Factory from offering, receiving, or extorting bribes, either directly or by proxy, and thereby mitigate the risk of the Group being subject to legal or regulatory sanctions and reputational damage and anti-bribery policy India 

It contributes to the factory’s Here for Good’ brand promise, its participation in national and international initiatives to combat corruption, and is consistent with the Group’s values and ethical stance. The Policy applies to all staff. The Policy is subject to any more demanding local legal or regulatory requirements.


Bribery is a serious criminal offense in many countries. All staff is responsible for meeting their personal legal obligations to not commit bribery and adhere strictly to this Policy. An act of bribery anywhere in the world by persons associated with the Group can expose it to the risk of prosecution for failing to prevent bribery. This can result in an unlimited fine unless the Group can demonstrate that adequate procedures are in place to prevent bribery.

Policy Statement

The Factory strictly prohibits bribery in any form – including the use of ‘facilitation payments. The Factory must not allow charitable donations, sponsorships, and direct or indirect contributions to political parties or organizations to be used as a subterfuge for bribery.

The Factory must not offer gifts or entertainment as an advantage intending to commit bribery. All gifts and entertainment must be given or received by applicable Group, Wholesale Bank, and Consumer Bank policies and procedures.

Anti bribery policy for company

The Factory prohibits bribery committed on its behalf by intermediaries. Intermediaries regarded as posing an enhanced risk of bribery must be subject to due diligence, appropriate contractual terms, and governance.

Staff must report any concerns they may have concerning non-compliance with this Policy. The Group must maintain processes to enable staff to raise such concerns in confidence.

The Group must consider whether to terminate its relationship with an associated person who commits or is suspected to have committed bribery. The Group will not sanction or disadvantage any staff or persons associated with the Group on account of a refusal to commit bribery. Staff found to have breached this Policy will be subject to disciplinary proceedings. Potential penalties include the termination of employment.

Factory Manager

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