Determination of the Odor of a Material | Odor Testing in Laboratory

This test method is applicable to the determination of the odor of a material by an olfactory evaluation. Odor testing laboratory

Principle of Odor Test:

The odor of a sample is evaluated olfactorily and compared with that of a standard sample to determine its acceptability.

Observe proper laboratory safety rules, personal protection, and chemical handling procedures at all times.

Read MSDS before handling chemicals and products.

Do NOT sniff materials that are known to exhibit health effects through inhalation.

Odor testing methods | Odor testing in laboratory


None specific

Procedure Odor Testing:

1) Open the lid of the sample product.

2) Gently waft the sample under the nose for 2 - 3 seconds.

3) Compare the sample to the standard sample by repeating step 2.

4) Compare your odor assessment to those in the specification.


Do not sniff a sample for too long e.g. more than 5-10 seconds as this may inhibit your ability to pick up differences in the normal odor.

Result :

Record the result as comparable or not comparable to the reference standard.

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