Cleaning MS and HDPE of Empty Drums | How to Clean Plastic Drums

To lay down the cleaning and reuse of MS and HDPE plastic drums. procedure for MS & HDPE Container/drums. This SCP applies to MS/HDPE drums in the production area.

Cleaning MS & HDPE of empty drums

Procedures of MS and HDPE drum Cleaning


  • Execution Operator
  • Checking QC/QA Chemist

Accountability: HOD Production

Transfer the container/drums of HDPE and MS to the washing area of respective sections and clean inner & outer surfaces with potable /normal water at least two times till all the residue is washed off.

Then clean the inner and outer surface with suitable water (2.5% soap sol.) or solvents using a lint-free cloth then wash with potable or normal water. Finally, rinse with purified water. 

Dry the Container /drums with a clean lint-free cloth and keep these drums on the racket & affix a cleaned label.

While using the containers wipe again with a lint-free cloth and take for use.

Re-cleaned the containers if not used within 72 hrs.

Washing water drain to ETP plant.

>Whole material is taken out of drums 


SCP = Standard Cleaning procedure 

ETP = Effluent Treatment Plant

Sol = Solution

Do you clean Chemical Drums

Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) including gloves, goggles, and a respirator.
Empty the contents of the drum and dispose of any remaining chemicals according to local regulations.

Use a high-pressure hose to rinse the interior and exterior of the drum.

Apply a cleaning solution that is compatible with the type of chemical that was previously stored in the drum.

Scrub the drum with a long-handled brush or use a high-pressure washer.

Rinse the drum thoroughly with clean water.
Inspect the drum for any damage or residual contamination.

Label the drum appropriately and store it in a designated area for reuse or disposal.


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