Whole Material is Taken Out of Drums

This Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) the steps to be followed when removing the entire quantity of material from drums. This process ensures proper material utilization, minimizes waste, and maintains workplace safety.

Equipment and Materials

  • Drums containing the material.
  • Drum lifting equipment (if applicable).
  • Safety gloves and goggles.
  • Spill containment materials.
  • Containers for transferring the material.
  • Cleaning supplies (if necessary).


Inspect the drum for any signs of damage or leakage. Do not proceed if the drum is damaged or leaking.

Ensure that the appropriate lifting equipment (if needed) is ready and functional.

Place spill containment materials around the work area to prevent accidental spills from spreading.

Put on safety gloves and goggles before handling the drums.

Lifting and Positioning (If Applicable)

If the material is heavy or the drum is large, use appropriate lifting equipment to safely lift and position the drum.

Carefully place the drum on a stable surface.

Opening Drum

Remove any seals or closures from the drum.

Gently open the drum's lid or closure, ensuring not to damage the drum's interior.

Material Extraction

Tilt the drum slightly to allow the material to flow towards the opening.

If needed, use a scoop or appropriate tool to ensure the complete extraction of the material.

Carefully pour or scoop the material into the designated containers for transfer.

Inspection and Clean-Up

Check the interior of the drum to ensure that no material remains.

Wipe the drum's interior if necessary to ensure all material is removed.

Seal the containers with the extracted material to prevent contamination.

Disposal of Empty Drum

Properly dispose of the empty drum according to waste disposal guidelines.

Rinse or clean the empty drum if required by regulations.


SCP = Standard Cleaning procedure

 Cleaning MS & HDPE of empty drums

 HDPE = High-density polyethylene 


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