Whole Material is Taken Out of Drums

To ensure that the whole material is taken out of drumsThis SOP is applicable to MS/HDPE drums in the production area.

2.0 Responsibility:-

         Execution Operator

         Checking QC/QA Chemist

3.0 Accountability:-

HOD Production

4.0 Procedure:-

4.1 Transfer the container/drums of HDPE and MS to the Weighing area of

 respective sections.

4.2 Check visuals of empty drums to ensure that material is taken out of a drum.

4.3 Ensure that empty drum weight.

4.4 Finally check of QA/QC Chemist before disposing of an empty drum.

5.0       Abbreviation

SCP = Standard Cleaning procedure

 HDPE = High-density polyethylene 


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