Determination of Boiling Point of Liquid Organic Compounds

This test method of boiling point and liquid, solvents, and organic compounds by simple distillation using a blowing apparatus. 


  1. 250 ml glass r.b.flask with standard joints.
  2. Glass condenser with standard joints.
  3. Glass recovery head with standard joints.
  4. Thermometer pocket.
  5. Heating mantle.
  6. 100 ml measuring cylinder.
  7. Glass funnel.
  8. 250 ml beaker.
  9. Receiver adapter.
  10. Finger clamps and stands.
  11. Thermometer.
  12. Glass beads.

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Boiling Point Testing Procedure

a). Put a few glass beads in a 250-ml r.b. flask. Place the flask on the heating mantle. Secure it with a stand and a finger clamp.

b). Fit a recovery head on top of the r.b. flask.

c). Fit the cone of the condenser with the inclined socket of the recovery head and secure with a clamp & a stand.

d). Fit a receiver adapter at the other end of the condenser. Put a 250-ml beaker under the adapter.

e). Put the funnel on top of the recovery head. Pour 100 ml of the liquid under test in the r.b. flask. Take out the funnel and place the thermometer pocket in the recovery head. Put a thermometer in the pocket.

f) Start circulation of water through the condenser jacket from a water tap.

g). Switch on the heating mantle and after some time the liquid sample starts boiling. The vapor gets condensed while traversing through the condenser and the liquid gets collected in the beaker.

h). The temperature gradually rises to a constant point at which the majority of the liquid distills out. The temperature again rises till the entire material distills out. Note the temperature throughout the distillation process.

i). The range of the temperature from the collection of the first drop of the liquid in the beaker till the end of the distillation denotes the boiling range of the liquid and the constant temperature at which the majority of the liquid distills out gives the boiling point of the liquid sample.


Boiling range of liquid sample:-............॰C to.............. C

The boiling point of the liquid sample:………….C …………. C

Boiling Point Apparatus

Boiling point determination methods

What are two methods to determine boiling point?

Distillation, and Reflux.

What is the determination of boiling water?

Boiling water is the process by which water is heated to its boiling point, which is 100 degrees Celsius or 212°F at standard atmospheric pressure. The determination of boiling water can be done through a simple process called boiling point determination, which involves heating water in a container until it reaches its boiling point.

What factors determine boiling point?

The boiling point of a substance is determined by several factors Pressure, Intermolecular forces, Molecular weight, Chemical structure, and Presence of impurities.

Which is the highest boiling point?

The highest boiling point is Tungsten.

What is the lowest boiling point?

Helium has the lowest normal boiling point.


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