SOP for Steam Boiler Operation

Operation for Steam Boiler and important Tips or Percutaneous.

Check Points Before Start-Up

1.Ensure that soft water service tanks & Fuel oil service tanks have sufficient quantities of water & fuel.

2. Ensure that the drain valve of economizer, fuel strainer drain valve and the coil blow-down valves are closed.

3. Ensure that all electrical connections are in proper condition and no shortcuts w.r.t. safety.

SOP for Steam Boiler Operation

4.Do not wear loose clothes; always wear PPE’s (Hand gloves, Safety Shoes, Ear muffs & Helmet).

Boiler Start-Up

1. Open the valves of the water supply line & fuel supply line.

2. Put ‘on’ the electric main switch.

3. Close the main steam valve & open the auxiliary steam valve to prevent water entering the steam lines initially.

4. Put the ‘fill’ switch ‘on’ to fill up the coil.

5. When water starts coming out of the auxiliary steam valve, the unit can be fired. All the ‘red’ lamps should be ‘off’ & only the white ‘control’ lamp is ‘on’.

6. Put the ‘fire’ switch ‘on’. Blower, pump & water pump start. Sparking between Burner, electrodes begin & fuel is sprayed after about 6-10 seconds.

SOP for Steam Boiler Operation

7. Burner Green Indication Lamp comes ‘ON’, fuel spray starts & flame is established. Sparking stops when a flame is established & heating of water in coil starts.

8. In about 3-5 minutes steam starts coming out of the auxiliary valve. At a temperature of 125-130OC, open main steam valve gradually & close the auxiliary valve simultaneously. Use steam for the desired heating load by adjusting the pressure setting & controlling the valve opening.

9. Maintain a Log Book for Operation of Boiler (F-S020-21)


1. The Temperature of Steam should not exceed 185⁰ C.

2. Steam Pressure should not exceed 10.53 Kg/cm2.

3. Oil Pressure should not exceed 14 Kg/cm2.

Stopping the Boiler:

4. Close the steam valve fully. The pressure switch will cut off the boiler.

5. Put the ‘fire’ switch ‘off’.

6. Put the ‘fill’ switch ‘on’ & fill up the coil with water for the next operation. 

7. When the steam temperature falls below 90OC, put the ‘fill’ switch ‘off’. Close the auxiliary steam valve.

8. Put ‘off’ the electric main switch.

9. Close the outlet valves of the soft water service tank & fuel oil service tanks.

SOP for Steam Boiler Operation

Important Note or Percutaneous 

1. The boiler should never be worked with hard water.

2. Be alert about any unusual & excessive sound from any part of the boiler.

3. Any of the valves & joints should not be leaking.

4. Check for proper flow of fuel & water.

5. The flame should be steady & golden yellow in color.

6. Exhaust from the chimney should be almost colorless.

7. Do not remove any guards from the moving parts.

8. Do not wear loose clothes.

9. Keep adequate distance from moving parts.

10. The boiler should start & stop smoothly without Excessive vibrations & smoke. 

11. The fuel gas should not leak through the glass cum pressure release port or the soot cleaning access door.

12. Diesel spillage must not be there, if it happens, immediately clean the area with rags & dispose of them in a marked container.

13. Do not touch the Machine's Hot part without adequate precautions.


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