The sewage water is collected in the first collection tank, after passing through the strainer 

(Grill Screen).

Note 1: The materials like polythene bags, stones, etc. which can stop the passage of sewage water should be removed on regular basis.

The sewage water from first tank will go into 2nd tank from bottom by gravity. The thick material at the bottom of the first tank will degrade and break up biologically by the action of bacteria.

The over flow of 2nd tank will go into third collection tank. When the one 1/3rd of the tank is filled with water. The water to be pumped to aeration tank. The flow of water to the aeration tank should be controlled by the return line valve to the 3rd tank.

  1. Note 2: When aeration tank is filled with treated water, check that blower is running.

Note 3: Before the start up of blower, see that the oil level in the blower sight glass is in the middle, if not then fill the oil up to the middle.

Note 4: Keep the main air delivery valve open.

  1. Start the blower so as to mix the treated water through the diffuser under the water. The water will flow to tube settler by gravity.
  1. The over flow of tube settler will go into clear water tank and the sludge at the bottom to be removed into Sludge Dry Bed (SDB) on regular basis.
  1. When clear water tank (4th collection tank) is fitted with water to 1/3rd capacity, then pump the water into pressure sand filter (PSF). The discharge water can be used for gardening.

Note 5: Before using the PSF, it should be back washed with tap water till the clear water 

comes out and then rinsed.


Note 6: Maintain the flow of water into PSF in such a way that it should filter maximum 400lt. per hour, not more than that

  1. The dry sludge of SDB can be used as manure in the horticulture activities.

Note 7: Ensure that gas pipes from all the three collection tanks have the clear passage and there is no blockage.

  1. Use hand glove, mask & helmet during the work.
    The Operational Log Book (F-E-xxxxx) should be maintained regularly.

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