SOP for Chiller Operations | Chiller start-up procedure


Check points before start up:

Operation of DG Set
  1. Ensure that chilled water service tank have sufficient quantities of water.
  1. Ensure that the Inlet & outlet valves are opened.
  1. Ensure that all electrical connections are in proper condition and no safeties are short circuited.
  1. Do not wear loose clothes; always wear PPE’s (Hand gloves, Safety Shoes, Ear muffs & Helmet).
SOP for Chiller Operations | Chiller start-up procedure

Start up:

Stopping the Chiller:

  1. Chiller should never be worked with hard water.
  1. Be alert about any unusual & excessive sound from any part of the chiller.
  1. All the valves & joints should be leak proof.
  1. Check for outlet proper flow of water.
  1. Compressor must not be heat so much.
  1. Exhaust fan must run in anticlockwise direction.
  1. Do not remove any guards from the moving parts.
  1. Do not wear loose clothes.
  1. Keep adequate distance from moving parts.
  1. The chiller should start & stop smoothly without Excessive vibrations. 
  1. Do not touch Machine Hot part without adequate precautions
  1. Water spillage must not be there, if it happens, immediately clean the area.

1.      Open the valves of water supply line.

2.     Put ‘on’ the electric main switch.

3.     Switch On the control switch on Chiller panel

4.     Check for the fan rotation, it must be in anticlockwise direction.

5.     Switch on the compressor button.

6.     Set the desired temperature by increase or decrease button.

7.     ‘Green’ healthy on lamp comes ‘on’, & trip compressor lamp must be ‘off’ for smooth running of chiller.

NOTE: 1. The temperature of chiller should not be set lower then 8 OC.

  2. compressor pressure must in between 50 – 70 kgF-/cm2

1.      Firstly, Switch ‘OFF’ the compressor button.

2.     Switch ‘OFF’ the control button.

3.     Put ‘off’ the electric main switch.

4.     Close the outlet valves of chilled water service tank.

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