Automatic Basket Mill Operation | Sop for Micro Centrifuge

To lay down the procedure for automatic basket mill operation. And Sop for micro-centrifuge or SOP of centrifuge.


2.1 This procedure applies to Quality Control Department.


3.1 QC chemists to prepare and follow the SOP.

3.2 Head – QA & QC for implementation of SOP. 

4.0 Procedure of Basket Mill Operation

4.1 Switch on the MCP 3 phase line and main switch.

4.2 Put the premix into the Desperate disperser.

4.3 Grind the premix for 4-5 hours. and check from the Hageman Gauge the particle size i.e. 2 microns.

4.4 If the particle size is not reached then further grind the pre-mix till the particle size becomes less than 2-micron check particle size from the Hageman Gauge after intervals of time.

4.5 Maintain a temperature of not more than 30° C. If the temperature increases by more than 30° C then start cooling by the circulation of cool water through the double-walled basket milling system.

4.6 After completing your pre-dispersion, the dissolver shaft can be replaced by the basket mill without the need for any tools.

4.7  Carefully draw pigment film on the drawdown paper with the help of DRAWDOWN BAR COATER.

Automatic Basket Mill Operation

4.8 Now take the dEand Strength reading in UV Visible Spectrophotometer Premier Color Scan Model No.-SS 5100A and compare the strength with each other.

4.9  Place the film on the drawdown paper in a folder, label the folder, and store it in a clean, dry place.

4.10 Now switch off the MCP 3 phase line and main switch.


           SOP:           Standard Operating Procedure

            QA:           Quality Assurance

            QC:           Quality Control

1.0  REFERENCE: Internal


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