Analyst (Chemist) Job Description and Responsibilities

Analyst (Chemist) Job Description and Responsibilities or Lab Chemist job description

JOB TITLE:  LAB Chemist                                                                                              

ACCOUNTABLE TO:    QC MANAGER                                                                                            


RESPONSIBILITIES: Analyst job description
1.   Calibration of weighing scale & their records

2.    Metal tablet record.

3.    All CCP, DCP & HACCP calibration records.

4.    ETP water analysis record.

5.  RAW Material analysis record and backup calculation data.

6.    Packing Material Analysis record and backup calculation data. Storage sample stock daily update.

 8.  Analysis report of shift-wise production (FG)samples

9.    Plant internal hygiene audit on daily basis.

10.   Plant sanitization record on weekly basis.

11.   F.G./RM Rejection record data.

12.   All lab instrument calibration records.

13.   Raw material and packing material storage audit on daily basis.

14.   Interlocking audit on weekly basis.

15.   Plant hygiene practices and other activities on Sunday-format attached.

16.   Audit a chemical solution on weekly basis.

17.   Chemical stock audit frequency on weekly basis.

18. On-line inspection audit on daily basis.

QA/QC Manager job description

Accountable to Factory Manager: 

For effective Quality Planning and execution of

QA activities ensure meeting requirements.

Qualifications: Graduation in science with min.4 years of related experience in a manufacturing organization. Well-versed with ISO requirements and other related industrial standards.


Preparation and review of Inspection Standards and Control Plans. 

Planning & Control on Analysis & Testing of Raw material as well as

Packing material & F.G. as per Company guidelines.

Analysis of Internal Quality Problems and Customer Complaints. 

Internal & External Quality Audits 

Job distribution to Quality chemists / Inspectors, their supervision, and guidance.

Identification of Training needs of subordinates and arranging Training. 

Keeping their Training Records. 

Pest control & documentation.

Annual appraisal of subordinate staff.

Quality Incident Management & Product Recall 

To verify the effectiveness of Corrective Action.    

>Production manager job description


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