SOP for operation and regeneration of DM plant

To provide a Written procedure for the Operation & Regeneration of DM PLANT and Cleaning of DM Water Plant.

2.0 SCOPE:

This procedure is applicable to the Engineering Deptt. of xxx.


3.1 Plant Operator follows the SOP.

3.2 Head- QA & QC for implementation of SOP.

4.0 Plant Description

The Underling principle of Removal of iron from any water is the conversion of the soluble iron salt to its insoluble form and filtering off the product subsequently.

The activated carbon filter is used to dechlorinate raw water that has been chlorinated & also sometimes for the removal of organic impurities. Depending on the suspended matter content in the raw water to be filtered, it can be used either by itself or following a sand filter.   



Where to use wasting water during the regeneration process of DM plants?


1.    Ensure that the RO Water tank is filled with RO Water supply.

2.    Open the RO water supply help of valve No 1.

3.    ON the DM Water power supply RED colour Button.

4.    Ensure the 2,6 no valve Closed & valve no 1,4,5 is open.

5.    Start the High-Pressure Pump, Pump no 1 Inlet, Pump no 2 Outlet help of Green colour Button in Control Panel.

6.    Adjust the Water Pressure from 8.0kg/cm² to 10kg/cm²  help of Valve No 3.

7.    Than Start the mix with the bed help of the Green colour Button in the Control Panel.

8.    Start the Degasser for DM Water Help of power Button.

6.0  Back Washing Procedure for SAND FILTER:

Purified water testing as per USP | Purified water testing as per ip

Water Supply Map and Flow Sheet.

water supply map

Procedure for cleaning of DM Water plant

Clean DM Water plant by sweeping the room with a nylon broom.

Clean sand filter, cation bed, Anion bed, mixed bed and DM Water storage tank etc are swabbed with liquid soap mop.

Swab again using a water pump.

Dm water process flow diagram

Dm water process flow diagram

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