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Determination of Oil Adsorption | Testing Method of Foam Test

Determination of Oil Adsorption | Testing Method of Foam Test

Testing method of oil adsorption by Di octyl Adepate in silicon filler and talcum powder. And testing methods of Foam Determination of SLES and SLS.


a). Glass Beaker,250ml

b). Glass Rod


a). Sample

b). Di Octyl Adipate(DOA)

Oil Absorption Test Method

1). Take a clean and dry beaker and weigh the sample on the basis of the following

Determination of oil adsorption

Name of the Products       Wt of the sample(gms)            Standard Quantity of DOA(gms)

a) Acematt TS-100                       2.00                                         15-18

b) Calcium Carbonate                10.00                                        9-11

c) Syloid ED-30                          10.00                                           9-11

d) Micron Talc Powder              10.00                                           9-11

2). Now add DOA with well stirring with the help of a glass rod.

3). The sample in the beaker takes a shape of a ball i.e. sample is properly mixed with DOA.

4). Now, note down the consumed quantity of DOA. (If the consumed quantity of DOA is as per

 described limit that means the supplied sample is OK otherwise it is Not OK.)



a) 100 ml & 200ml Beaker

b) 500ml measuring Cylinder

c) Stirrer

d) D.M. Water

e) 20 MOLE or 40 MOLE Ethoxylated Non-ionic Emulsifier

Testing method of Foam Test

2. Foam Testing Procedure

a) Take 100gm D.M. Water and 10gm 20MOLE or 40 MOLE Ethoxylated Non-Ionic Emulsifier.

b) Now Stir it for 10 minutes at 1300RPM.

c) Transfer the whole mass to a 500ml measuring cylinder.

d) Measure the foam height.

e) Add DEFOAMER as per 1 gm/Lit. & shake well.

f) Report the height/ml.

g) Perform the same test for standard and supply.

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