SOP for Operation and Calibration of TDS meter | TDS meter calibration

This document details the procedure for operation and calibration of a total dissolved solid meter(TDS Meter calibration) -DiST.

It is the policy of Xyz Limited that a written procedure shall be followed the operation and calibration of the total dissolved solid meter(TDS)-DiST and its use monitored in order to ensure smooth operation and its use monitored to obtain consistent and reproducible results and to minimize downtime and to meet regulatory requirements.

This procedure is to be applied at the time of operation and calibration of total dissolved solid meter-dist.


Persons along with their responsibilities and accountability are given below:

Executive –Corporate Quality Assurance:- To prepare the SOP. To maintain in the records as per SOP.

Assistant – General Manager: - To ensure implementation of SOP.



5.1.1 Check if the instrument is clean and free from dust, if not; clean with lint-free cloth/tissue paper.


5.2.1 Total dissolved solid meter-dist should be rinsed between sample measurements with purified water or distilled water. Never rub the tip of total dissolved solid meter-dist to remove excess water, just blot the tip end with clean tissue paper to remove residual drops.

5.2.2 Allow sufficient time for the probe to stabilize in the sample response as given under.   

5.2.3 For the greatest accuracy, ensure that no particulate matter is suspended in the test solution. If necessary, filter the solution before the determination.


5.3.1 Remove the protective cap and turn the DiST ON.

5.3.2 Immerse it in the sample up to the maximum immersion level without touching the bottom of the beaker. Stir gently and wait until the display stabilizes. DiST compensates for the temperature variance automatically.

Read the value automatically. This value has to be multiplied by a factor of 10 for DiST1as shown on the upper left-hand corner of LCD to give direct readings in ppm (mg/l).                      

5.3.5 Switch off the instrument when not in use.

5.3.6 Maintain the Logbook of total dissolved solid meter-dist on XYZ/SOP-090/FR-01as Logbook for total dissolved solid meter-dist Appendix I.

6.0 CALIBRATION PROCEDURE total dissolved solid meter

6.0.1 Calibration Frequency: Half Yearly

6.0.2 Use DiST1 HI70032P Calibration kit 1382 ppm (mg/L).

6.0.3 The calibration procedure is very simple and fast.

6.0.4 Immerse the tester up to the maximum level in the appropriate DiST1 HI70032P calibration solution

6.0.5 Allow the reading to stabilize and using a small screwdriver turn the calibration trimmer to match the solution value at 25 ºC.

SOP for Operation and Calibration of TDS meter

Acceptance Criteria:

Sr. No.

Solutions to be used for Half Yearly calibration

Limits (mS)


1380 ppm



6.0.6 To maintain the temperature of the total dissolved solid solution, place it in an ice bath.

6.0.7 Discard the disposed total dissolved solid solution after the calibration.

6.0.8 Record the calibration data as per XYZ/SOP-090/FR-02 Appendix II

6.0.9 Report any discrepancy observed during operation and calibration of instrument to Section In-charge or his representative for corrective and preventative action as per SOP No. XYZ/SOP-030, CAPA.

6.0.10 Section In-charge or his representative will take the necessary action and report the same to Manager-Quality Assurance.

6.0.11 Affix “Out of Order” label on the instrument as per SOP No. SOP Labeling Policy.


Generate the instrument calibration number on the calibration datasheet as INSCALXXYYZZZ where INS denotes instrument, CAL denotes calibration, XX denotes the year, YY denotes month and ZZZ denotes sequence number.


XYZ    XYZ Limited

SOP   Standard Operating Procedure

CQA  Corporate Quality Assurance 

CAPA    Corrective and Preventative Action

Download:- All Appendix 


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