SOP for Training of Employees in Pharma Company

This procedure describes the guidelines for induction training to new employees at the time of joining the company.  It is the policy of XYZ Limited that a written procedure shall be followed to give Induction Training to new employees of different departments and an option to switch roles and take up additional responsibilities in time of need.

This procedure is to be applied at the time of joining of new employees to give Induction  Training to Helpers, Maintenance, Chemists, Administration, Sales & Marketing, and Managers & above.

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 RESPONSIBILITY & Accountability

Persons along with their responsibilities and accountability are given below:

 Executive - Corporate Quality Assurance:- To prepare, document, distribute, retrieve and control.

Manager – Quality Assurance/ Quality Control:- To ensure implementation of SOP

VP-Training & Development:- To ensure implementation of SOP

HR: - To ensure implementation of SOP


5.1 Induction Training

5.1.1 The new employees, after fulfilling the requirements of the Human Resources department, shall be instructed for Induction Training as per the schedule given on SOP Induction Training Schedule for Plant (Appendix) and SOP Induction Training Schedule for Analytical Division (Appendix)

SOP for training of employees in pharma

5.1.2 Before going to other departments for Induction the candidate shall be made aware of the following by the HR department:

            Factory general procedures

            GMP concept

            Safety Instructions

            General Introduction to Quality systems

The Induction Training program is a common program for new employees of any department and he/she shall report to the concerned department in charge during his/ her induction. Concerned departments shall undertake the induction training of new employees by making him/aware of the systems of their respective departments.

For Induction training candidate shall spend a maximum of half a day in each department.

The evaluation of the induction training shall be done based on reports written by new employees during training and remarks by the concerned departmental In charge as per the SOP Induction Training Report (Appendix)

The individual Training records shall contain Attendance records as per SOP Induction Training Attendance records for Plant (Appendix) and SOP Induction Training Attendance records for Analytical Division (Appendix). 


5.2.1 After finishing the Induction training new employees will join their respective departments, where they will be made aware of the Standard Operating Procedures of their respective departments.SOP Training details shall be recorded on SOP Training (Appendix)

5.2.2 After understanding the SOPs candidate will be assessed by his/her departmental in charge through oral / written questioning as per SOP Awareness/Training on Documents (SOP)

If an assessment is satisfactory the respective departmental in charge will discuss the job responsibilities with a candidate and put him/her on routine work

If an assessment is not satisfactory then the candidate will be given retraining for understanding the SOPs.

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