SOP for Cleaning of Bottle Filling Machine and Shrink-Wrap Machine

To provide a procedure for cleaning bottle bottle-filling machine and a procedure for cleaning and operating of shrink-wrap machine. This method applies to the bottle-filling machine in the liquid Department and Covers the cleaning and operation of the shrink-wrap machine used for shrink sealing of PVC film sleeves, over the packs of a product by application of heat, which is finally packed in a corrugated box.


Production Chemist & Department In-charge and Operator, Packing Chemist.


Production Manager and QC Manager

Procedure for Cleaning of bottle machine

Run the machine empty till the product is completely poured out.

Circulate Purified water for 10 Minutes.

Run the machine empty till all the water in the tubes is completely poured out.

Dismantle all the parts in a reverse manner.

Wash the parts with soap solution & wash with water to remove traces of soap solution.

Keep all the washed parts in the S.S. container & cover it with the lid.

When needed for filling take out the syringe, connect it to the machine, and run Purified water through it for 10 minutes.

Run the machine empty till all the water in the tube is completely poured out.

Work Instructions of Welding Process 


Carry out the cleaning procedure as per above and enter into the B.M.R.

In case of any unusual observation, stop the activity and inform the Q.A. Department  

Procedure for cleaning of shrink-wrap machine


De-dust the inside and outside machine with a dry cloth. Wipe the outer body of the machine with a wet cloth followed by a dry cloth


Start the conveyor belt of the machine first before starting the thermostat and blower to start the heater.

Adjust the sealing temperature and conveyor speed for a satisfactory shrink seal.

Individual packs are collected, placed in PVC sleeves, and kept on the conveyor belt for shrinkage.


Continue to run the conveyor belt of the machine for at least 10 minutes, after switching off the thermostat to dissipate the heat.

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