Acid Bating Enzyme Specification and Applications

Acid Bating Enzyme is specially developed for use in acidic pH between 4.5 - 5.5. Bating at this pH range improves the quality and strength of hides and skins. Smooth grain with tight break is obtained. In the case of Wet Blue Leathers, Acid Bating Enzyme helps in producing uniform silky grain and thereby giving uniform quality in finishing. For the production of Gloving Leathers Acid Bating Enzyme is used in the neutralization bath to get desired results. The following chart gives the quantity of Acid Bating Enzyme required and the High-Performance duration of Bating for various types. The High-Performance Degreasing Enzyme formulation.

Specification of Acid Bating Enzyme

Appearance:   Light Brown Colour Powder

pH of 10% Son:     6.50 -7.50

Moisture:    4.0% Max

Solubility:   Soluble

Shelf life:   2 years when kept closed under shade and at normal room temperature. Keep away from sunlight and moisture.

Acid Bating Enzyme Specification and Applications

Application of Acid Bating Enzyme

TYPE OF LEATHER,          Acid Bating Enzyme,   DURATION (% On Shaved wt.)

Cow Softy Uppers,            0.5% - 1%,                  30' - 60'

Cow Gloving Leathers,   2% - 3%,                      60' - 120'

Buffalo Upholstery Leathers, 2% - 3%,              60' - 120'

Goat Softy Leathers,     0.5% - 1%,                      30' - 60'

Goat and Sheep Gloving Leathers, 1.0% - 3.0%,         60' - 120'

Goat & Sheep Nappa Leathers, 0.5% - 1.0%,       45' - 60'

High Performance Degreasing Enzyme Formulation

Degreasing Enzyme Liquid is a Biodegradable enzyme formulation for degreasing and the product is used before pretending Degreasing Enzyme Liquid can penetrate deeply and disperse the fats effectively. Proper degreasing ensures good quality in wet blue and finished leathers without fear of fungus attack. Degreasing Enzyme Liquid is totally free from solvents and hence is of great help to tanners to reduce tannery pollution. Degreasing Enzyme Liquid can be used for degreasing sheepskins of New Zealand, the,U.K. Saudi Arabia, Spain, and other regions.

Specifications of Degreasing Enzyme Liquid,

Appearance: Brown Colour Liquid

Chemical Nature: A Special blend of biodegradable formulated enzymes

pH of 10% Solution: 5.00 - 7.00

Solubility: Miscible

Shelf Life: Good for 2 years when stored below 30'C.

Application of Degreasing Enzyme Liquid

Cow & Buffalo Hides: 1% -2 Degreasing Enzyme Liquid in degreasing along with 0.25%-0.5% Conc. Wetting Agent will give good results in degreasing.

Goat & Sheep Skins: After de-limbing and bating, 0.5%-2.0% Degreasing Enzyme Liquid can be used followed by a good wash.

New Zealand Pickled: After Depickling to pH 6.0, 2% -5% of Degreasing Enzyme Liquid can be used to achieve a good degreasing effect. Skins has to be washed 23 times after degreasing to remove the fat. Fat Contents can be brought down from an extreme level of 15.00 to 2.00

Pig Skins: Generally, pigskin has excess fat and degreasing is a complex operation. A Dosage of 2% - 5 Degreasing Enzyme Liquid may be required to achieve good degreasing. The skins have to be washed 2 or 3 times after degreasing. The degreased skins shall have natural touch with silky grain. The tear strength properties are good.

Notes:- This information is offered as correct, since conditions of use and applications are beyond our control, no guarantee of results is given and no legal liability or responsibility is accepted.

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