HR Head and HR Assistant Job Responsibilities

QUALIFICATIONS REQUIRED FOR HR HEAD: Post Graduation (MBA) having 3-4 years of experience in the concerned department.


  1. Verify salary and wages with OT and Unclaimed Wages Register. Verify ESI & PF Challan & Returns.
  2. Review and comply with all Factory Act Returns.
  3. Manpower Planning/deployments Verify Contractors agreement/License/Records/Bills/Challan.
  4. Daily Verification of Vehicle, Logbook/ Servicing/ Maintenance/Insurance.
  5. Maintenance of General Administration and discipline.
  6. The hiring of manpower and placing the right man at the right place.
  7. HR building, Staffing, and Manpower planning Job rotation & evaluation functions.
  8. Dealing with Yearly Performance appraisal Handling transfer, promotion, Salary/Compensation management
  9. Visiting projects and conducting human resources audits.
  10. Preparing Job Description.
  11. Follow up with the process of settlement of Provident fund/Gratuity.
  12. Implementation of “Exit Interview
  13. Formulating and Benchmarking HR policies.
  14. Managing the compensation and benefits of the employees.
  15. Documenting legal cases in consultation with legal advisers.
  16. Handling conciliation proceedings with conciliation/ labor officer, labor 
  17. Commissioner, attending legal cases in labor courts, High court.
  18. Executing out-of-court settlements.
  19. Handling grievances & statutory requirements.
  20. Dealing with disciplinary action, domestic inquiry, and executing awards.
  21. Housekeeping and monitoring the day-to-day activities 
  22. Negotiating the rates to minimize the expenses.
  23. Negotiating the rates to minimize the expenses.
  24. Looks after the routine functioning in the Hostel/Office Premises & Canteen.
  25. Providing infrastructure support to the employees.
  26. Day to day follow-up with the 
  27. Government/Private and Local Agencies.
  28. Coordinating in-house meetings and training programmers.
  29. Organizing arrangements for Guests like hotel booking, and transport arrangements.
  30. Finalizing Security Arrangement and deployment.
  31. Coordinating Timely payment to Vendors & Contractors.
  32. Organizing efficient event Management.

HR Head and HR Assistant Job Responsibilities

HR Assistant Responsibilities


Accountable to: Factory Manager

Qualifications: MBA –HR with minimum experience of two years.


  1. Daily entry of attendance card in register/computer of staff.
  2. Maintaining records for Hostel & Workers 
  3. Residential Colony.
  4. Daily checking of attendance.
  5. Daily attendance of contractors/casual workers.
  6. Attendance Register/OD/Gate pass.
  7. Induction program & Orientation of New Joiners.
  8. Joining and Separation of Workers every month.
  9. Identity Card Arrangement.
  10. Issue of Uniform to all employees.
  11. Maintain a record of – shoes & uniform.
  12. Maintenance of Good Housekeeping in the plant.
  13. Cob- Web cleaning on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday in the plant.
  14. Glasses and window panes are cleaned once a week.
  15. Minor maintenance work(building repair/whitewash/putty work).
  16. Daily checking of contractual workers and changing over the shift(evening).

HR Executive Responsibilities

JOB TITLE: HR Executive

ACCOUNTABLE TO: Factory Manager


MBA – HR with minimum experience of two years


  1. To evaluate the Manpower requirement and short-listing it.
  2. To organize interviews for any new recruitment, and once recruited, to maintain the employees' records. Maintenance of employee attendance registers & keeping records of their overtime, salary, incentive payable, etc.
  3. To identify the need for training of the employees, to make training schedules and conduct training sessions keep the training records, and make appraisals of the workers and staff.
  4. To work as Head of Security Staff and provide them training before any new security person joins the company. To check their day-to-day records. Verification of monthly bills of Labor Contractors, and ensuring their timely payment.
  5. To have a monthly meeting with the supervisors and workman, and keep the records of the meeting.
  6. To maintain a list of all the statutory and regulatory requirements related to labor laws, and comply with them promptly. To comply with ESI & PF statutory requirements and update its records.
  7. To submit the statutory forms and records to the relevant department after their approval from the Factory Manager.

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