Environmental Safety Procedure | EHS Policy System for Company

The mainstay of the local population is agriculture with Maize & Apple being the principal crop. The Factory consists of three plants along with the utility section. Details of the plants and production capacities are given in the table below. and EHS policy for the company.

Plant Name


Production Capacity         ( TPA )

Toilet Soap Plant 1

3 Cascades – TLO

60,000 Ts. Per Annum

Toilet Soap Plant 2

4 Cascades – 3 TLO + SLO

62,500 Ts. Per Annum

Pears Plant

2 Streams of mfg.

 18000Ts. Per Annum

The site has currently employed 8 Managers, 34 Executives, and 565 Staff & Workmen. These workmen are first-generation industrial workers with a rural background. They have been imparted extensive training at work to enable them to discharge their duties.

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Scope of the SHE Management System

The manual specifies the requirements for its Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Care Framework standard requirements

The purpose of this manual and the framework standards is to establish an Occupational health & safety and environment management system (EHSMS) to eliminate or minimize risk to employees, customers, and interested parties who may be exposed to the OH&S hazards associated with its activities as well as reduce the adverse impacts of its operations, products, and services on the environment.

Establish, implement maintain and continually improve the performance of its  EHS practices and EHS management system.

To identify and provide a guide to the procedures and instructions which ensure that the system is operated correctly by all personnel

To provide a reference document for all employees whose activities may have an influence on the site’s performance on OHS and Environment.

To demonstrate conformity to the OH&S and EC Framework Standards (FWS).

All the requirements of the FWS, OHSAS standard, and EMS standard have been incorporated in the EHS Management System.  The extent of application is influenced by the company’s EHS Policy, the nature of its activities, and the complexity of its operations.


Other internal documents of the Company that provide further information or guidance are listed hereunder

Company Standards

Mandatory Standards and Guidelines for Safety in Road Travel – revision.

Guidelines on Safe Management of Contractors.

Guidelines for safe warehousing in godowns.

Guidelines for handling of perfumes in soaps and detergents factories.

Safety assessment - plant modifications.

Guidelines for Safety Risk Assessment at Off-site locations/venues used for business meetings/conferences / annual reviews.

Total Recordable and Accident Frequency Rates Standard for company and Group Companies.

Standard for earthing connections and selection of residual current circuit breakers (RCCBs).

Procedure for Permit to Work.

Planned Inspection.

Guidelines for safe handling of IPA.

Guidance Documents for EHS.

Checklist for compliance with guidelines for the safe management of contractors.

Positive assurance for the use of high-pressure cylinders.

Checklist for audit of electrical installation.

Amended hazardous wastes (management and handling) rules, 2000.

Hazop Study – Guidelines.

Safe two-wheeler driving.

Using Ladders.

Environmental health and safety | EHS policy for company

Safety guidelines in storage and handling of some hazardous chemicals. Besides the above-mentioned standards and Guidelines, a list of guidelines and standards has been attached as Annexure in this manual.

3.0 Terms and Definitions

EHS – Environment, Health, and Safety

OH&S – Occupational Health and Safety Audit

EHS policy and procedures or environmental health and safety policy


To define the guidelines for the formulation of an integrated environmental and occupational health & safety policy of industries.


Applicable to the EHSMS of (Company name), developed in line with the requirements of the Environmental Care and Occupational Health & Safety Framework standards


The overall responsibility for ensuring the formulation of the policy is with the Corporate office in Mumbai, its implementation and updating lies with the Factory Manager in consultation with the Site SHE Coordinator of industries.


The top management team of industries has defined the integrated EHS policy in line with the corporate policy for EH&S. The policy is as stated on page 2 of this chapter. The policy formulation is based on the following:

The policy shall be appropriate to the nature and scale of companies environmental impacts and OH&S risks.

Employees at various levels will be involved in the preparation of the policy. The policy will include a commitment to the prevention of pollution.

The policy will include a commitment to the prevention of injury and ill health and continual improvement in the EHS Management System and EHS performance. Will provide a framework for setting up EHS objectives.

Commitment to at least comply with current, applicable EH&S legislation and with any other requirements such as the Unilever internal standards to which the organization subscribes.

The EHS policy will be – Documented, implemented, and communicated to all employees and contractors with the intent that they are made aware of their individual EH&S obligations and collective rights.

Made available to interested parties (internal and external) as and when required and

Shall be reviewed annually to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate to the organization


EHS Manual

>Integrated Management System Manual (IMSM)

>Inentification of environmental aspects and health and Safety Hazards


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