SOP for Hygienic Cleaning of Soap Cascade in Soap Industry

The objective of this SOP is to lay down a written procedure for proper and effective cleaning and sanitization of cascade using appropriate resources up to hygienic standards.


1.1 The sop shall be applicable for cleaning and sanitization of all the cascade of Soaps Industries.


2.1 Shift In-charge/Production Manager.

3.2 Maintenance Officer/ Maintenance Manager

2.3 Quality Supervisor/ Microbiologist /Quality Manager.

3.0 Chemicals Required for Cleaning 

  • Plastics Brooms, 
  • Scraper
  • Clothes
  • 70% IPA in a spray bottle
  • 0.1 % carbendazim solution
  • Red bucket for keeping the soap scrap
  • Mask
  • Hand gloves
  • Shoe covered

5.0 Procedure of Hygienic cleaning

5.1 The cleaning and sanitization of the specific cascade will be decided as per preventive maintenance scheduled for that line.

Hygienic cleaning of soap

5.2 The production manager will inform to quality manager for the line has undergone preventive maintenance well in advance.

5.3 Cleaning sanitization and maintenances work will undergo parallel. The person deployed for cleaning will be under the guidance of the production team.

5.4 The shift officer will arrange the proper PPE, Scrapper, Clothes & brooms, bucket, hot water & the chemical used in cleaning will be arranged by the quality supervisor

5.5 The cleaning and sanitization checklist will be filled by a shift in charge and quality supervisor simultaneously.

5.6 Before the start of cleaning quality supervisor /quality manager will ensure that work permits are filled for the line to be cleaned and sanitized.

 5.7 A minimum of 3 hours is required for the cleaning and sanitization of a cascade.

 5.8 Each part of the machine such as simplex plodder, TRM, Duplex plodder, bar cutter, recycle conveyor, stamper, tablet conveyor, wrapping machine, mixer, storage vessels will be cleaned separately and with an assigned person for the cascade part.

5.9 A formal training will be given by the QA supervisor/ QA manager to the entire team taking part in cleaning for safety, echogenicity, and cleaning & sanitization.

5.10 All the people (including the line operator) of the cascade will be deployed for cleaning at the specific place as per the below steps.

5.10.1 One shift in charge and one line quality supervisor will be fully dedicated to complete cleaning and sanitization,

5.10.2 One Stamper operator with two people will clean and sanitize the stamper and recycle the conveyor both internally and externally.

5.10.3 One person will clean and sanitize the bar conveyor including the bar cutter, and bar M/D to cone heater.

5.10.4 Two people and one operator will clean and sanitize all the duplex plodder including the vacuum chamber plate and receiving hopper at the duplex plodder.

5.10.5 One person will clean and sanitize the TRM completely, including the floor below.

5.10.6 One person will clean and sanitize the simplex plodder and floor below completely.

5.10.7 Both the w/m operator will clean and sanitize their respective W/M, Including the tablet conveyor

5.10.8 One person will clean the sigma mixer in presence of the mixer operator.

5.10.9 One person will clean all the Storage vessels and under area.

5.11 First of all the cleaning person will collect the soap pieces, bars and other remain of products from the recycling conveyor, stamper, tablet conveyor, bar conveyor, conveyor hopper, and other places of a machine in a clean crate so that scrap can be minimized and the remainder can be used.

Hygienic cleaning of soap cascade SOP

5.12 Rinse equipment parts, ss tray, with hot water if needed to remove a remaining product, dist debris/ grease/oil which is in excess (like below stamper, recycle conveyor, below, roll mill conveyor hopper, etc)

5.13. Scrap the area of the machine properly using a scrapper where a lot of product residue is accumulated.

5.14 Collect the scraped material in a red color scrap bin.

5.15 Spray 70% IPA at cleaned/scraped area.

5.16 Mop the sprayed area with dry and clean cotton for complete sanitization.

5.17. Again Spray 0.1% Carbendazime in70% IPA solution and mop with dry and clean clothes.

5.18. After 20 min of sanitization, the microbiologist will organize taking a swab of the respective cascade /cascade part.

5.19 When cleaning and mopping are completed resemble the open part, screw it tightly & properly.

5.20 If any part of the machine is Observed for missing parts or parts/surfaces during cleaning that are worm to the extent that debris will accumulate and cause product contamination, the same will be informed to the maintenances in charge of immediate correction.

5.21. After reassembling organize for proper cleaning and sanitization of the floor below the machine

5.22. When cleaning & sanitization is complete shift officer will ensure that all the issued Scraper, IPA bottle used clothes used PPE are collected at a  point, and the same is verified by the quality supervisor

5.23. The production manager will inform to quality manager, for final approval of cleaning and sanitization for final approval.

5.24 The quality manager will approve the line for production when all the cleaning & sanitization are completed as per the checklist and up to hygienic standards.

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10.1 SOP   :     Standard Operating Procedure

10.2 QA   :    Quality Assurance

10.3 No.  :    Number


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