Standard Operating Procedure Human Resources Department | SOP HR Department


To document the process of identification, selection and training of personnel to effectively carry out the business processes and ensuring their continuous improvements. Standard operating procedure human resources department.

SOP HRD Department

 HR job description |  HR  Assistant job description

2.0  SCOPE

2.1 All personnel are required to perform activities affecting quality.

2.2 Identification of personnel, establishing their qualifications & competence; planning, execution, evaluation of the effectiveness of training, and keeping records.


QM 02           Quality Manual     

4.0                    DEFINITION

HRD                 Human Resource Development 

SOP                 Standard Operating Procedure

BMR                 Batch Manufacturing Record

QA                   Quality Assurance

COA                 Certificate of Analysis

PPE                 Personal Protective Equipment


HR To ensure that:

Every new recruit undergoes Induction Training.

The training calendar of each function is prepared at the beginning of the year.

Development training programs are identified and conducted.

Record of all training's at the site is maintained as per the requirement as per this procedure.

To present data of training during the monthly review meetings.

To be a member of Management Review Meeting.

Departmental To ensure that: Managers Departmental work information is shared with new Recruits. On-the-job training is imparted to new recruits.

A departmental training calendar is prepared with the consent of HR and implemented for all associates.

Refresher/retraining is to conduct as appropriate.

Behavioral and developmental training needs are identified in PPEs

Training, evaluation, and affectivity records with the report is generated and handed over to the HR department.

Data of training is presented to HR.

 Supervisor /To ensure that: 

 Trainers:   Training is conducted as per schedule.

Training is documented. Effectivity of training is monitored at the prescribed interval and data presented to the Departmental Head.

6.0   PROCEDURE (HR sops explain)

6.1  An Organization Chart is prepared, reviewed, and approved by the CEO ensuring fulfillment of requirements of the company’s business processes listed in section 4.1 of the Quality Manual. 

6.1.1 Job Descriptions showing accountability, required qualification/competence, responsibilities and authorities are prepared by the respective Department Heads, reviewed with the Head HRD and approved by the operational head, and circulated to all concerned.  

6.1.2 Recruitment of personnel as per requirement shall be done by the Head HRD in accordance with the following procedure:- New requirement is received by the HR Head, by mail, or through interoffice memos from the departmental heads.  HR head after taking approval from the management, shall give requirement to State 

Employment Exchange Office.  HR head along with the departmental head shall conduct an Interview.  Candidates who have been selected during the interview shall be called for joining.  At the time of joining “Basic Information Form” shall be filled by the candidate (F 612) and approval is done by the HR head and Departmental head along with all the documents pertaining to qualification and domicile.  HR head shall hand over the job responsibility to the candidate for understanding.  HR department shall fill Individual Training Record Sheet ( F 622)  The Training needs of the employees recruited shall be identified on the selected document. Required training shall be arranged as induction training and its effectiveness will be verified by the Head HRD before putting the person on the job. Records of training shall be kept in the HRD.  After the success of full induction the candidate shall be allowed to perfume his duties.  Orientation training to all new employees shall be provided by the HOD on following as appropriate.

                                                -           Company Profile.

                                                -           Quality Systems / Procedures.

                                                -           Values and work culture.

                                                -           Company rules & regulations.

                                                -           Product  Range.


6.2  The Training needs shall be identified & be passed on to the HRD - Head who shall make out training schedule for the year, for each department separately.

6.3  The training schedule shall be circulated to the concerned H.O.D’s and their concurrence obtained on dates and personnel to be relieved for training.           

6.4  The HRD - Head shall identify & contact Internal / External faculty and organize training.

6.4 The training shall be provided as per the training schedule, by the trainer.  If possible make a training presentation as a controlled document.

6.5 The concerned HOD’s shall arrange to verify the effectiveness of training by tests, through audits, feedback from employees or otherwise as appropriate and remark on the training records.

The Individual Training Record Sheet shall be updated by the HR department, and also the training attendance sheet shall be filled and signed by the trainer and the trainee.

6.6 Records of training shall be kept by the HRD – Head. All the question papers shall be a controlled documents.

6.7 Further training needs of the employees shall be identified by the concerned in charge at the following stages:-                                               

                                                - Promotion to a higher level.

                                                - Transfer to a different function.

                                                - Adoption of New Technology / System.

                                                - Annual appraisal / Performance Monitoring.

6.8  On job Training when required shall be arranged by the HOD and provided by the identified function.

6.9  Quality System related training shall be provided by the MR.

6.10 The MR shall also arrange for the internal auditor training to the selected members of the organization. Services of external agencies could also be utilized.

6.11 Safety-related training shall be organized by the HRD - Head & records kept.

6.12 Training matrix shall be reviewed on monthly basis at internal MRM meetings.


                        F 612                Basic Information Form

                        F 623                Induction Training

                        F 624                Competency Matrix        

Questioners for Evaluation of Training Provided to be controlled as QMP-621-Questioner/AF/00-N/00. Where N is the number, from 1 onward and 00 is the revision number. Training Presentation to be controlled as QMP-621-Training/AF/ 00-N/00. Where N is the numbers from 1 onward and 00 is the revision number

SOP for Training and Awareness of Documents:

XX/QA/SOP/002 and its Formats



Verify salary and wages with OT and Unclaimed Wages Register.

Verify ESI & PF Challan & Returns.

Review and comply with all Factory Act Returns.

Manpower Planning/deployment.

Verify Contractors agreement/License/Records/Bills/Challan.

Daily Verification of Vehicle, Logbook/ Servicing/ Maintenance/Insurance.

Maintenance of General Administration and discipline.

Hiring manpower and placing the right man in the right place.

HR building, Staffing, and Manpower planning.

Job rotation & evaluation functions.

Dealing with Yearly Performance appraisal.

Handling transfer, promotion, Salary/Compensation management

Visiting projects and conducting human resources audits

Process Control System Audit | Types of Audits

Formulating and Benchmarking of HR policies.

Managing the compensation and benefits of the employees.

Documenting legal cases in consultation with legal advisers.

Handling conciliation proceedings with conciliation/ labor officer, labor Commissioner, attending legal cases in labor courts, High court.

Executing out-of-court settlements.

Handling grievances & statutory requirements.

Dealing with disciplinary action, domestic inquiry, and executing awards.

Housekeeping and monitoring the day-to-day activities.

Negotiating the rates to minimize the expenses.

Negotiating the rates to minimize the expenses.

Looks after the routine functioning in the Hostel/Office Premises & Canteen.

Providing infrastructure support to the employees.

Day-to-day follow-up with the Government/Private and Local Agencies.

Co-ordinating House meetings and training programs

Organizing arrangements for Guests like hotel booking, transport arrangements.

Finalizing Security Arrangement and deployment.

Coordinating Timely payment to Vendors & Contractors.

Organizing efficient event Management.


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