SOP For Management Review Meetings | Management review meetings

To document the process of holding Management Review Meetings to monitor the effectiveness of the Quality Systems and ensure that the requirement of the Standard is meetings.

Management Review Meetings


Scope of the Management Review Meeting shall include the entire quality management system as described in the agenda.


MR      -           Management Representative

MRM  -           Management Review Meeting

MOM  -           Minutes of Meeting

MRG   -           Management Review Group

involving following functions.

CEO   -

G.M. Operations  -                   

MR -

Departmental Heads-      


                 QM 01 Quality Manual     

5.0 PROCEDURE      

5.1 The Management Review meetings shall be conducted as follows:-

Internal Management Review shall be conducted, in the first week of every month. This shall be hosted by MR with Departmental Heads.

Management Review with the management shall be done once six months.

5.2 M.R. in consultation with the CEO shall fix the exact date and time of MRM and circulate the same with MRG members at least two days in advance. Any additional invitee shall also be sent the circular.

5.3 In case of any change in the MRM schedule, the MR shall intimate the MRG and other invitees.

The agenda shall  include :

Status of actions decided in the previous MRM

Results of audits (internal & external)

Corrective & Preventive Action & effectiveness of the same

Customer Complaints

Training needs identification & analysis

Review of quality performance indicators like-

Scrap reports

Warranty Replacements

Rework Records

Resource Requirements

Suggestions for process/product improvements

Quality Policy, Quality Objectives, Organisation Chart, and Job Descriptions.

MR shall make out summary reports on agenda points as Input for the MRM.

Any additional item in the Agenda shall be reviewed between the CEO and MR and shall be communicated to the MRG Members.

The agenda points shall be discussed during the meeting and action so taken shall be recorded along with the target date and name of the person responsible for the action on MOM format by the MR.

The first point on the agenda shall be the review of pending points from the previous MOM.

The MOM shall be approved by the CEO and copies issued to all the personnel attending the meeting and responsible for taking actions.

Records of MOM shall be kept by the MR


F 561   MOM Format

MOM Records

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