SOP for Employees Training or Town Hall Meeting

To lay down the procedure for TrainingThis procedure applies to the Quality Assurance and Human Resource Department of XYZ Ltd. SOP for employees' training procedure


Chemists of QA & Heads of all departments to follow the SOP.

Head – QA & HR for compliance with SOP.

Employees Training Procedure

Induction Training

The new employees, after fulfilling the requirements of the Human Resources department, shall be instructed for Induction Training as per the schedule given in the “Induction Training Schedule” format.
Before going to another department for Induction, the candidate shall be made aware of the following by the HR department:

Factory general procedures

GMP concept

Safety Instructions

General Introduction to Quality Systems

The Induction Training program is a common program for new employees of any department and he/she shall report to the concerned department In charge during his/ her induction. Concerned departments shall undertake the induction training of new employees by making them aware of the systems of their respective departments 

SOP for employees training

For Induction training candidates shall spend some time of two days in each department. The individual Training records shall contain Attendance records in the “Induction Training Schedule” format. The trainee shall record his/her observations of a particular department in an “Induction Report” format. After completion of his/her training, he/she will submit the Induction training schedule and Induction report to the HR department.

SOP Training

After finishing the Induction training new employees will join their respective departments, where they will be made aware of the Standard Operating Procedures of their respective departments SOP Training details shall be recorded in “Training Record and Assessment” format.

If the assessment is satisfactory the respective departmental in charge will discuss the job responsibilities with the candidate and put him/her on routine work.

If the assessment is not satisfactory then the candidate will be given retraining for understanding the SOPs or document.

Document Training

Awareness training shall be imparted to the intended users and concerned personnel before the implementation of any new / revised documents. Awareness training for revised documents may not require changes that do not have a direct impact on the user.

During training, the Departmental Head or his representative shall read out the documents.

The procedure and the purpose of the documents shall be explained to the intended user.

The departmental head shall resolve any queries raised by the users.

After explaining documents to the intended users/concerned personnel, the departmental head or his designated person shall evaluate the trainees by either asking questions orally written questionnaire.

As far as practicable all questions/answers will be objective type (multiple choices) and will be limited to up to 10 questions. 80% is the qualifying criteria for the questionnaire. Candidates having less than 80% marks shall be retrained for the same document.

Based on answers given by end-users, the HOD or his representative shall make the decision whether there is a need to re-read the SOP or document to end-user(s) and clear the doubt if any.

Maintain the record of the document or SOP training in the “Training Record and Assessment” format.


SOP:           Standard Operating Procedure

 QA:           Quality Assurance

 QC:           Quality Control

  No. :           Number











Provide mechanisms, time, training, and resources necessary for consultation and participation. Provide timely access to clear, understandable, and relevant information about the OH&S management system.

Determine and remove obstacles or barriers to participation & minimize those that can be removed.

  • Determining the needs and expectations of interested parties.
  • Establishing the OH&S policy.
  • Assigning organizational roles, responsibilities, and authorities, as applicable.
  • Determining how to fulfill legal requirements and other requirements.
  • Establishing OH&S objectives and planning to achieve them. 
  • Determining applicable controls for outsourcing, procurement, and contractors. 
  • Determining what needs to be monitored, measured, and evaluated. 
  • Planning, establishing, implementing & maintaining an audit program. 
  • Ensuring continual improvement. 
  • Determining the mechanisms for their consultation and participation. 
  • Identifying hazards and assessing risks and opportunities. 
  • Determining actions to eliminate hazards and reduce OH&S. 
  • Determining competence requirements, training needs, training, and evaluating training. 
  • Determining what needs to be communicated and how this will be done. 
  • Determining control measures and their effective implementation and use. 
  •  Investigating incidents and nonconformists and determining corrective actions.

Town Hall Meeting Format









































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