Determination of Saponification value | Saponification Value Formula

To determine of the saponification value and ester value in oil,wax, and fat and saponification value formula. 


a). Heating Mantles & Condenser supports.

b). Flask 250ml (Erlenmeyer) fitted with water cooled condenser.

c). Burette (Class A).

d). Volumetric Pipette-25ml (Class-A).

e). Dispensing device.

f). Analytical balance


a). Methanolic KOH 1N.

b). Neutralized Ethanol (95%).

c). Sulphuric Acid 1N.

d). Phenolphthalein.


Saponification value procedure

a). Accurately weigh 1.0 gm of the sample into a 250 ml(Erlenmeyer) flask.

b). Using a Class A pipette, add 25ml of methanolic KOH.

c). Using a dispensing device, add 25ml of neutralized ethanol.

d.) Shake well the contents of the flask until all solid matter is dissolves & place the flask on the     heating mantle & place the condenser on flask.

e). Reflux the contents for one hour.

f). Remove flask from the heating mantle & add three drops of Phenolphthalein.

g). Titrate the hot solution with 1.0 N Sulphuric Acid with vigorous swirling until the pink colour just disappears.

h.) Read the burette reading & record the ml of 1.0 N Sulphuric Acid used for each sample & blank.


Saponification value formula

Saponification Value = (ml Blank-ml Sample)X Normality of Sulphuric Acid X 56.1/Wt. of the sample


a). Time period for reflux should remain same for each sample. You must right the proper time period.

b). The amount of Sample should not exceed 1.5gm. This is the perfect quantity for determination.

c). The temperature should also remain constant and  heating mantle should be of same capacity.

   Method of Neutralization of Ethanol (95%)

1. Take Ethanol in a 250ml conical flask and add 2-3 drops of Phenolphthalein indicator.

2. Now take 0.1N aqueous KOH solution in a burette(Class A).

3. Now start adding 0.1N aqueous KOH solution through burette to the 250ml conical flask till the content changes there physical appearance i.e.  from colorless to faint pink.


Ester Value formula = Saponification Value – Acid Value

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How to Determination of saponification value of Soap and fatty Acid?

The saponification value is the number of milligrams of KOH required to saponify 1.0 gram of sample.

Scope:- This method applicable to the fatty acid of all soaps and soap products containing synthetic detergents.


(i) Erlenmeyer flask, corning alkali resistant and kimble resistant or equivalent to 250 or 300 ml.

(ii) Air condensers, minimum 650 mm long.

(ii) Water bath or a hot plate with variable heat control.

Solutions /Reagents

(a) Accurately standardized 0.5N HCL.

(b) Alcoholic KOH solution ( The make KOH solution, place a few gm (6-10) KOH in a 2- lit. flask and add from 1 to 1.5 liters of 96% ethyl alcohol and boil on a water bath under a reflux condenser for 30 - 60 min. Distilled and collect the alcohol. Dissolve 27 gm of KOH low in carbonate in 1.0 liter of the distilled alcohol, keeping the temp. below 15.5 C while the alkali is being dissolved. This solution should remain clear.

(c) Phenolphthalein Indicator.

Procedure of saponification value

Weight a sample of such size that in will yield 5.0 gm of fatty acids. The sample may be placed directly in the stokes flask, extraction cylinder or into a volumetric flask. If the latter, make up to volume with distilled water mix thoroughly and transfer with a pipet a quantity such that it will yield of fatty a material in to extraction cylinder or stokes flask.

Weight a fatty sample of such size that the back titration is 45 to 55% of the blank. This is usually 3.0 - 4.0 gm. Add 50 ml of the alcoholic KOH with a pipet and allow the pipet to drain for a definite period of time.

Prepare and conduct blank determinations simultaneously with the sample.

Connect an air condenser and boil gently but steadily until the sample is completely saponified. This usually requires 30 min. for not rise to the top of the condenser have cooled somewhat but not sufficiently to jell, wash down the inside of the condenser with a little distilled water. Disconnect the condenser, add 1.0 ml of indicator and titrate with 0.5 N HCl until the pink color has just disappeared.


  Saponification Value = (titration of blank - titration of sample)*28.05 / weight of sample


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